It all began when my son needed a backpack.

Completely mad on wheels, I knew the theme he would love.

Unable to find a suitable style, I asked other Mums - they too shared my dilemma. There seemed to be limited options for kids that weren't into or didn't know the character-themed backpacks and just wanted a simple vehicle-themed backpack to wear.

I began drafting designs and researching the perfect bag for kids. With the help of a Melbourne designer, the fleet was brought to life.

The backpacks were then custom made with all the must-haves and tested out by my boys and their friends.

On January 20, 2020 jude&moo was born.

In July 2021, we launched new designs and improved the original backpack. We are now adding more designs for a November/December 2023 launch, including completely revamping the entire backpack with new features, so more kids can own a backpack they really love to wear.

Kate x

Kate Saunders founder of jude&moo car backpacks with her sons and the fire truck, police car and ambulance backpack.